"Experts are not walking encyclopedias, they are more detector"

Who we are

Aart Martens

Aart Martens graduated (MSc.) at Cranfield University, United Kingdom in Management Development (1994) and in Management Consultancy (2001) at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since then he has worked as a Management Consultant. His passion in Spoorijzer is unlocking expertise. He is experienced in organizational change. Aart Martens has worked in several countries in Asia (1984-1999).  During this period he gained experience in the field of knowledge and experience transfer, project management and organizational design.  In the Netherlands, he was the initiator and implementer of several successful organizational change projects.  During the last four years he has been active as developer and practitioner in  Accelerated Transfer of Knowledge (ATE)  for numerous organizations.

Jan Thiellier

Jan Thiellier graduated at the University of Technology (TU) Delft, the Netherlands. He has extensive work experience in multinational companies like Dow Chemical, AKZO and DSM. He has held various positions, such as Damage and Corrosion Engineer, Quality Control Manager and Mechanical Engineering. Jan Thiellier has extensive experience in supporting knowledge transfer projects (ATE). Jan Thiellier is fully up to date of the latest developments in this very exciting field through our extensive academic network.