"Spoorijzer encourages new perspectives on existing knowledge and experience"


The name

The name Spoorijzer (lit. Iron Rail) originates from the history of the founder. Spoorijzer was a steel company specialized in machine and railway equipment. Aart Martens spent his youth on the premises of this company. Translated to the present, Spoorijzer means the following: spoor (Rail, Track) is equivalent to the mental models stored in the brains of the expert. The more experienced the more mental models will be available to make good decisions. Literately a track of possible good decisions. IJzer (Iron) exudes power and hardness. Expertise acquisition is hard work. The methods used by Spoorijzer will improve employees performance and innovation.


Spoorijzer works with a core team of knowledge holders (Aart Martens en Jan Thiellier) and is supported by a number of reflective experts (Prof. dr. Gerrit van der Veer, Human-Computer Interaction, Open University, the Netherlands and Interaction Design, Sassari University, (Italy) (first photo); and Prof. dr.  Eric Postma, Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University) (second photo).